Fastems’ core values are creating customer satisfaction and keeping our promises, while one of our strengths is the broad age range of our personnel. This age spread enables us to provide customers with both decades of experience and the latest innovations in research and technology. The Fastems team is always looking for the next great thing, and that’s why we’re on the lookout for talented and flexible employees with fresh ideas. 

At Fastems we believe that aligning our organizational culture and strategic goals is the key to achieving perfection. Our culture is comprised of three components, each of which includes the values and manners we adhere to in our daily work. This organization culture is explained more completely in our culture book.

Backbone is doing your work so that both you and your colleagues can be proud of it. It’s learning from mistakes, being honest and fair, and creating solutions instead of problems.

Sharing = Caring is all about the importance of communication. It’s about listening, asking and understanding so that our work runs more smoothly and effectively. But it’s also about treating one another with trust and respect.

Water is water, Rock is rock means solving things as simply as possible, which is one of the keys to achieving perfection. We’re focusing on what’s truly important, being accurate, and recognizing that our satisfaction comes from satisfying our customers.



Fastems was selected as the winner of Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen kesäduuni) campaign 2018. Fastems reached excellent scores in all the evaluated areas in the research conducted by the campaign organizers, and best-in-class ratings in overall work satisfaction and contract process.

This year Fastems hired over 20 young summer employees to Tampere, Finland and Issum, Germany. The summer employees got to work in various roles in programming, automation and robotics, product management, marketing, purchasing, product development, mechanical and electrical design, spare part sales and finance. Most of Fastems summer employees have worked in the company already in the previous years, and Fastems is very grateful that so many young talents have wanted to re-join year after year.