One of Fastems’ strengths is the broad age range of its personnel.

This enables us to provide our customers with decades of experience together with the latest innovations in research and technology.

We are always looking for talented and flexible men and women with fresh ideas. Creating customer satisfaction and keeping our promises are Fastems’ core values. Our main tasks are to listen to and understand our customers in order to develop even more competitive solutions for them.

Treating one another with trust and respect is a cornerstone of Fastems’ values, and essential for building an open spirit and commitment to teamwork at the workplace.


Fastems’ core values are creating customer satisfaction and keeping our promises, while one of our strengths is the broad age range of our personnel. This age spread enables us to provide customers with both decades of experience and the latest innovations in research and technology. The Fastems team is always looking for the next great thing, and that’s why we’re on the lookout for talented and flexible employees with fresh ideas. 

At Fastems we believe that aligning our organizational culture and strategic goals is the key to achieving perfection. Our culture is comprised of three components, each of which includes the values and manners we adhere to in our daily work. This organization culture is explained more completely in our culture book.

Backbone is doing your work so that both you and your colleagues can be proud of it. It’s learning from mistakes, being honest and fair, and creating solutions instead of problems.

Sharing = Caring is all about the importance of communication. It’s about listening, asking and understanding so that our work runs more smoothly and effectively. But it’s also about treating one another with trust and respect.

Water is water, Rock is rock means solving things as simply as possible, which is one of the keys to achieving perfection. We’re focusing on what’s truly important, being accurate, and recognizing that our satisfaction comes from satisfying our customers.



Software Developer

‘’Be accurate. You are the image of the company.’’ 

The most interesting part is
Every one of my working days is different. The line of business is international, tasks are challenging and the work done here defines the direction of factory automation’s development. At Tampere University of Technology I majored in Factory Automation and minored in software technology. Even during my studies I found factory automation and robotics to be the most interesting topics. In 2011 I began working at Fastems and in the beginning of 2013 started full-time employment and work on my Master’s thesis here. At some point I moved from the control team to the software development team.

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The best part is
In many small ways one can see how employees are taken care of here. The supportiveness and interest in one’s wellbeing creates a good working atmosphere that is getting even better with the strategy reform. Also, managers are skilled, human resources works, free time hobbies are supported, and language training is well organized. Speaking of which, the next thing I want to improve is my German language skill.


The most important goals are
After all, the basic goal is to always have a happy customer. The best parts of my daily tasks are when we manage to fix something, when a system is being changed to be more suitable, or when you finish a job and concretely see the work of your hands. The software business is so extensive that one can never know everything perfectly, but I improve myself every day. Nowadays more time and resources are available, which makes it possible to do an even more exact and careful job. And when I manage to do something better than I used to do, and thus support the development of the company, I have achieved one important goal.


Sales Manager

„Think further ahead. The little things can make all the difference” 

The most important is…
My career started as a mechanical engineer in industrial automation and special solutions. Since that time I have always been passionate about this field. I had the opportunity to work for different companies in various positions. Today in the sales team at Fastems I found the right work-life balance. I believe it is one of the most important criteria in a career. It is also important to have fun and enjoy working in positive and professional environment.

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The most interesting is…
We are working with a large diversity of industries and different cultures. In addition, it is really motivating to see when customers are highly satisfied with Fastems customized solutions. Technically, it is also exciting to discover how the business changes due to the digitalization revolution. This increases considerably the value of our offering and the performance and capabilities of our solutions as well.

The most difficult is…
We have to assure that every customer understands what we are promoting. Often manufacturer don’t think about automation solutions beyond machine tools. They need a reliable partner who is able to consult. Our role as salesperson is to focus on our customers’ concerns and according to that to offer the appropriate system and services. The goal is to turn the relationship customer-supplier into a strategic partnership for a long term collaboration. This is the most efficient way for both parties with respect to future development and maintaining a high level of technology.


Delivery Service Manager

‘’Don’t pass a wreck on to your co-worker. When something is done well, it doesn’t need to be reworked.’’ 

The best part is
My tasks include a good mix of authority and responsibility. I work with variable tasks taking care that deliveries run smoothly. An essential benefit is being able to define my own working days. I would not be happy in a position where every day is identical and you don’t have to think about anything. I need challenges. Striving for development and being a pioneer in this sector of technology are musts, so in the year 2015 I challenged myself studying more about automation technology. I would also like the opportunity to work abroad at some point.

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The most important part is
I studied in Tampere University of Applied Sciences, majoring in Modern Production Systems and Production Economics. I already worked at Fastems before graduating in 2011. Fastems was, and is, a significant employer in my line of business so I knew I could move forward to very interesting positions, and have already done so. I started as a technical purchaser and after that I worked as workshop manager. Currently I’m a delivery service manager. At Fastems employees can advance, which is very important to me.


The most difficult part is
The biggest challenges are usually dealing with unexpected situations. However, they are also the most rewarding aspect of my job. Getting through a difficult situation yet managing to achieve a good final result on time is essential. While facing some challenges, the company is improving little by little and, of course, I’m developing too. My patience, perseverance, comprehensive thinking and ability to collaborate are in much better shape today.