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Fastems is organizing a live webinar and Q&A on “Six solution blocks for economical small batch production”. Our presenter Janne Kivinen, Product Manager of Digital Products, has 10 years of experience in helping and training metalworking manufacturers of different sizes in solving their productivity issues. There are limited seats available, book yours soon!


You can check the event time in your time zone and register here. 

Webinar overview

Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM Eastern Time (UTC -4 Hours)
Duration: 1 hour (30 minutes presentation + 30 minutes Q&A)


Kivinen JanneWebinar info by our host

“Many companies we work with are used to having to produce in larger, so-called ‘economical’ batch sizes that help to optimize the amortized unit cost. This process creates longer lead times, increased WIP, large and expensive inventories, and lowers return on capital. Fastems challenges this thinking, using modern technologies that enable economical and high-quality small batch production, even for single part flow thus reducing lead times, reducing WIP, minimizing inventories and increasing return on investment. In essence making what is required when it is required to be made.

In this live webinar we will present how the following six areas of production can be optimized to produce small batches, even batch size one:

1. Production planning
2. Production start setup (tools, NC programs, raw materials, workholding, test runs)
3. Tool management
4. Transfers and loading between process phases
5. Quality and traceability
6. Machine tools

After the 30-minute presentation, we will have a 30-minute Q&A session where participants can ask productivity-related questions. A warm welcome!”


Register to the webinar!


P.S. Europeans: We host another session of this webinar on June 8th at 14:00 EET (UTC+3). Register here!