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Rodin Machining Open House

Opmeer, The Netherlands

Revolutionary business model – revolutionary automation

Rodin Machining and Fastems are proudly hosting an open house where we will introduce world-leading CNC automation and promote Rodin’s business model. In practice, the open house offers introductory presentations, tours around the system and time for Q&A and networking.


The event takes place on Thursday the 5th of October 2023 and to accommodate all visitors it offers two identical sessions to choose from:

  • Morning session from 10:00 – 12:00
  • Afternoon session from 13:00 – 16:00

Both sessions feature snacks and drinks.


De Veken 308A, 1716 KJ Opmeer, The Netherlands.

How to arrive?

Rodin machining is located at circa 45 minutes drive from the Shiphol Airport (Amsterdam). The location can also be reached via public transport (train, bus).

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About RODIN Machining

RODIN machining, a Dutch contract manufacturer, is the first fully automated turning and milling company in the Benelux that makes large-scale use of robotization, self-learning software and artificial intelligence. That means 24/7 milling and turning with our state of the art machines. RODIN works for a wide variety of clients throughout the Netherlands for example in the industries of construction, machine builders, coachbuilders, furniture manufacturers, shipping, automotive industry and petrochemical industry.

With RODIN you never have to wait for a calculator again. The entire customer process – from registration, to work preparation, production and invoicing – is almost completely automatic. After uploading your 3D model, 2D specifications and selecting the desired material and delivery date, you will immediately receive your price. Then your assignment is immediately put into the system and almost automatically translated into machine code by our CAM programmers, after which the robots start working for you 24/7.

Interested to learn out more about RODIN? Click here!

About the automation system

Due to the complex nature of their CNC manufacturing and automation needs, RODIN machining chose Fastems as their automation partner and together the companies have developed a unique flexible automation system capable of unmanned, high-mix production in advanced milling and turning applications. The system consists of four main parts:

  • Material storage in the middle used for both milled and turned parts. See green part in below pictures.
  • Up to six Mazak Variaxis 5-axis milling machines (currently 2 installed) served by auto-loading robot cell enabling unmanned batch changes. Tools are also changed automatically. First picture, right hand side.
  • Up to six Mazak Integrex multitasking turning machines (currently 2 installed) served by agile robot cells capable of automated set-up changes and tool changes. Second picture, right hand side.
  • Material input/output section next to turning machine cells.