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Fastems was featured in the Modern Machine Shop’s magazine and blog. The article is a case story about BoatZincs and it’s offshoot manufacturing business Mach Machine and how the companies entered into pallet automation and horizontal machining. According to Mr. Dan Olsen, the President of Mach Machine and Director of BoatZincs, it felt like a jump into the deep end of the pool. However, the overall result was successful. 

Originally published in Modern Machine Shop


Quick facts from the article

  • Company: Mach Machine Inc.

  • Problem: Needed to reduce setup times

  • SolutionFastems FMS ONE with Okuma HMCs

  • Results: Permanent palletized setups increase efficiency and reduce cycle times


The article covers the whole journey from the very beginning to this moment: how the production of the first own products of BoatZincs started, how homegrown metalworking becomes profitable, and finally how the company leaned towards horizontal machining and automation. Modern Machine Shop encapsulated the starting point of taking the first steps towards the change:

“As the shop’s production mix and volume grew, the time required to construct multiple setups grew as well. After watching an employee take four hours to perform a setup that repeated every month”, Mr. Olsen says, “I realized it was time to investigate the use of a horizontal machining center that would enable us to design and build fixturing setups on tombstones and leave them in place permanently.” While Mr. Olsen was researching HMCs, his Okuma representative invited him to a demonstration of an Okuma HMC and a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) from Fastems LLC. “At the time, I was a little bit taken back because I just wanted to get my feet wet in the horizontal machining area. This was more like taking a dive!” he says. “But I realized that we didn’t have just one job that could go on this machine, we actually had dozens.” The demonstration convinced Mr. Olsen to purchase an Okuma MB-5000H HMC and a 12-pallet Fastems FMS One with an MMS5 control.” Not long after that, the company expanded to 24 pallets and acquired second MB 5000.

The article also mentions Fastems’ tool management system and Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) and explains how they contribute to Mach Machine’s manufacturing processes.


Read the whole story

Please read more from the Modern Machine Shop’s blog post which is a shorter version of the original article published in the magazine:

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