MMS5 – Touch of intelligence

The Fastems Manufacturing Management System (MMS) is a FMS control software which can extend from a single manufacturing cell controller to full featured workshop level management software with close integration to ERP system. MMS is an open, machine tool independent choice and there is no need for separate software for NC program, tool, material or workshop production order management.

In MMS control all that is needed is to tell what you need and when you need it, the control takes care of the rest. It shows the capacity need, plans the job queues in a optimal way, calculates resource needs and tells when the parts will be ready.


Predictive scheduling combined with intelligent resource planning provides all users, from shop floor operators to management, with a clear picture on what resources need to be supplied and what tasks to perform during the day. Machine utilization is high, when everybody knows what to do.

All loading station area operation in MMS5 is consolidated on touch-screen operation panel. Operator has all key functions of the entire loading area at his fingertips. Fastems FMS Autopilot automatically selects the optimal jobs for loading stations and machines.

      MMS – Manufacturing Management System
  • Intelligent resource planning – more spindle time means lower unit cost per manufactured item.
  • All user interfaces are browser based – provides the freedom to use them anywhere with laptops or tablets.
  • Predictive scheduling – adapts automatically to changes in the production environment.
  • Online, real-time production reporting – better knowledge to enhance your productivity.
  • The pinnacle of 30 years of FMS integration experience – based on software experiences gathered from a thousand delivered FMS systems.